Church & Ministry Consulting Services

Church & Ministry Consulting Services

Churches and ministry leaders face a myriad of issues that are sometimes difficult to identify. Churches can be complex, intricate, multifaceted organizations that require pastors and church experts to fully understand. Here is a list of functions of a church or ministry with specific areas where problems may exist or where the expertise of HCG consultants might help.

I. Management and Administration

  • Organizational Structures
  • Values clarification and integration
  • Mission/Vision clarification and integration
  • Change planning and implementation
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Organizational alignment
  • Developing the attributes of learning organizations

II. Personnel and Staffing

  • Staffing issues
  • Personnel Audits
  • Hiring and placement services
  • Human Resources
  • Benefit packages and plans
  • Retirement services

III. Financial Problems:

  • Fundraising
  • Accounting
  • Salary Administration plans
  • Salary reviews

IV. Leadership and Team Development

  • Team alignment
  • Addressing team dysfunction
  • Leadership styles assessment
  • Team Performance
  • Discovering Your EQ
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership strategies
  • Transition consulting
  • Leadership Pipelines and Stovepipes

V. Outreach and Assimilation

  • Demographic research
  • Prayer-walking and spiritual-mapping
  • Program evaluation
  • Visitor follow-up and retention
  • Spiritual gift assessments
  • New member assimilation
  • Volunteer recruitment and placement

VI. Discipleship and Equipping

  • Bible studies
  • Sunday Schools
  • Equipping models and strategies
  • One-on-One Discipleship
  • Resources

VII. Small Groups and Pastoral Care

  • Transitioning to Cell Church
  • Starting a small groups ministry
  • Upgrading group quality and ministry
  • Affinity groups
  • Implementing a Free market model
  • Decentralizing pastoral care
  • Lay leadership-Under-shepherds

VIII. Governance

  • Boards, committees, and teams
  • Elders and deacons
  • Legal documentation, constitution, and bylaws
  • Building teamwork and unity
  • Resolving conflicts

IX. Departmental

  • Children and Nursery
  • Youth
  • College
  • Post-Moderns
  • Seniors
  • Elderly

X. Conflict Management and Reconciliation

XI. Restoration and Pastoral Care

  • Integrated RTF
  • Counseling
  • Restoring Fallen Leaders- plans and accountability measures
  • Sabbaticals and personal recovery

XII. Church Health and Growth

  • Diagnostic evaluations b. Comprehensive

XIII. Marketplace Ministry

  • Bridging pastor and marketplace gaps
  • Learning to empower others

XIV. Facilities and Support Services

  • Building use
  • Expansion and modular applications
  • How to lead through a building program
  • To build or not to build

XV. Church Service/Celebration Services

  • Preaching/Teaching
    • Assessing ministry quality
    • Coaching for improvement
  • Worship/Music
    • Talent evaluation
    • Learning to transition
    • Planning vs. Spontaneous worship
  • Audio and Video Support
    • Upgrading the technology
    • Training the audio team
    • Visual support for Sundays

XVI. Church Expansion

  • Church Planting
  • Multiple Services
  • Multi-site/Multi-campus

XVII. Missions

  • Short-term trips
  • Missions Conferences/Banquets/Events
  • Mobilization
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Mobilization consultation
  • Unreached People Groups- adoption and strategies

XVIII. Marketing for your Ministry

  • Knowing your target
  • Creating an image/branding
  • Using print media and direct mail
  • Radio and TV
  • Tracking your marketing

XIX. Nonprofit Organizations

  • Management
  • Governance: boards and committees
  • Donor development
  • Identifying sources of grants and grant writing
  • Volunteers and staffing

The Hill Consulting Group serves it clients through three primary strategies...


The most common problems we see in church and ministry organizations are breakdowns in communications, ambiguity about roles and responsibilities, poor planning, personal and group conflicts and leadership struggles.

Our consulting may consist of a series of facilitated planning sessions and workshop activities to build organizational and individual skills. A variety of assessments, interview and survey techniques are used to identify your current needs. Both pastors and church leaders partner with us to develop appropriate strategies to implement sustainable changes, which result in improved ministry and address the drivers affecting organizational and leadership effectiveness.

Every church and ministry has a special God-given potential (“He gave talents to each according to their ability.” Matthew 25:15). The aim of our consulting is to help discover the obstacles facing your church and to guide your leaders towards a customized and biblically based plan to overcome the limitations. We have consultants who are experts in their own areas of specialization experience which allows us to consult in most areas of church and ministry—from leading change in your church governance to developing innovative strategies for community outreach to managing the staff of your nonprofit ministry. We are ready to help!

When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters - one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.


Ministry leaders all over the world are putting in longer and longer hours and getting more and more frustrated. Information overload, tighter budgets, smaller staff, and global complexities contribute to the sense of overwhelm.

As a training company, we partner with your church or ministry to develop dynamic leaders at all levels. We help you discover and develop the hidden potential of your most important resource—your people. Our training programs when combined with follow-up coaching sessions result in long-lasting organizational and personal change.

The problem with most training programs is that canned delivery rarely produces behavior changes. Our trainers don't just lecture and then leave people to figure out how to use the new skills. We use the most effective training techniques and utilize an interactive adult learning model throughout.

We are gifted at working with leaders at all levels and they all get the individual attention they need to solve complex problems. Instead of an off-the-shelf training program, we custom-design each session based on the outcomes you want. Our training can be used in multiple settings such as retreats, staff meetings, seminars, webinars, or custom-designed training events.

Our facilitators provide supportive, cooperative, challenging opportunities for exploring group issues of all kinds. Unusual activities help you to challenge your assumptions, step out of your “comfort zone,” and break through the barrier of resistance to change. Expect to deepen your awareness of your impact. Action learning invites you to examine current behaviors and make the leap to more desirable behaviors.

The training sessions help people overcome resistance and provide the framework for lifelong learning. Some of the outcomes participants are equipped to adopt are the ability to motivate others, lead decisively, communicate a compelling vision, and embrace change.

Our trainers are not new to church and ministry leadership issues. They each have an expertise developed from extensive education, a genuine anointing, and real-world experience in leading churches and ministries. We have a team of trainers and facilitators to match your need.

"Successful leaders manage the dream. All leaders have the capacity to create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and then to translate that vision into reality." - Warren Bennis


Personal and executive coaching may be the most important addition to the field of management and leadership develop of the last decade. - Peter Drucker

Is your leadership team at the top of their game? Are the fans raving? How strong is the bench? Rarely do outstanding leaders emerge without a coach to help them realize their potential.

Whether you're interested in leadership coaching or group coaching, you can expect a dynamic alliance that challenges the status quo, encourages and supports growth, facilitates change, and provides an accountability structure for getting outstanding results. Instead of spoon-feeding people solutions, a coach helps people discover their own answers, and challenges them to raise the bar.

If you or your team needs direction and support in achieving their goals, coaching can help you decide what results you want, develop the plan and make things happen. The focus of coaching is on learning and action, which helps people go way beyond their perceived potential. Coaching is all about helping others to identify and define their specific goals, and then organize themselves to attain these goals. Coaching deals with building an individual's personal skills, from setting the goals, to communicating to decision making and problem solving. Coaches draw upon a client's inner knowledge, resources and creativity to help him or her be more effective.

We get excited about creating a coaching culture that has a ripple effect throughout the organization which extends to communities and homes. That's why we set up peer coaching programs so that everyone can benefit from coaching. Teams that develop peer coaching skills create a new culture that deepens appreciation and gets results!

HCG is able to design a coaching relationship that will fit your lifestyle, ministry demands, and schedule.

Conference Speaking

A popular speaker at leadership conferences and church events, Bobby Hill’s extensive real world ministry experience comes shining through with very fresh, thoughtful, practical—and very powerful—message that transforms lives and churches.

His customized presentations help pressured ministry leaders to perform better after all the talk has faded. That's because Bobby’s messages, seminars and workshops:

  • Are specifically tailored to meet a church’s needs not a sterile canned message.
  • Come from a perspective of "informed practicality" that incorporates biblical principles and the experience of a seasoned leader. Bobby has 34 years of teaching, training, and preaching experience in over 35 countries.
  • Can range from a 45-minute kick-start presentation to development programs spanning months to years.
  • Are interactive and involve audience members appropriately and respectfully.
  • Include real world examples and anecdotes that illuminate the learning; make the material engaging; and help it to stick.
  • Are spontaneous and relevant to the audience's reality.
  • Delivered with a transparent authenticity and the Spirit’s anointing.

Contact our office for a free sample CD or to schedule a meeting.

The HCG helps your organization look at new ways to:

  • Plan strategically
  • Develop leaders at all levels
  • Improve the overall church health
  • Discover obstacles to growth
  • Lead and manage change
  • Foster a continuous learning environment
  • Bring resolution and reconciliation to conflicts
  • Enhance creativity and innovation
  • Reduce barriers and open communications
  • Create a feedback culture
  • Build energized high performance teams

What’s the Next Step

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