About the Hill Consulting Group

Questions Leaders Frequently Ask (FAQ)

The following are the most asked questions we receive. If you still have a question after reading this please contact support@hillconsultinggroup.org.

Is consulting biblical?

In my opinion, YES! Let me explain. The scripture admonishes Christians to be people who plan and use wisdom at all cost:

"A man’s heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his paths" Proverbs 16:9;

"Plans are established by counsel; By wise counsel wage war" Proverbs 20:18

"...but wisdom brings success…" Eccl. 10:10

"Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts." Proverbs 24:3 TLB

Additionally, there is a great example in Exodus 18 of the use of an external consultant, named Jethro. Moses found himself and his mega-church in deep trouble. The advice and counsel provided by Jethro aided Moses to implement strategies for organizational change that resulted in improved performance and morale.

What are your fees? How much do you charge?

Each project is unique, and each client has their own goals, needs and requirements. Actual fees are set after an initial meeting and presented in a short term phased approach so that more accurate estimates can be determined as to fees via a written proposal. Some areas of evaluation and consultation are more involved than others and therefore differ in cost. A church may need a simple assessment that can be handled via mail and phone or the issues may demand a more comprehensive on-site visit by one or a team of consultants.

What is the experience level of your consultants?

In all our engagements we strive to have staff that is extremely familiar with the type of work they will be performing. Most of our consultants have over 10 years of experience in their field of expertise and extensive academic training. The background and expertise of each of our consultants is clearly outlined in The Hill Consulting Services section of our website.

Why should we use a consulting firm instead of using staff or lay leaders in our church?

The staff time required to develop a new program is often prohibitive, especially when existing day-to-day operations require full attention. HCG can focus our full attention to your program, offering new insight and clear direction. In order to determine what changes would make a constructive difference in your ministry or church, an issue within an organization frequently requires an objective, third party analysis of the unique dynamics and root organizational causes. Our onsite training and consultations can engage staff and lay leadership along with the pastor.

Why would I choose Hill Consulting Group over another firm?

Bobby Hill and the associates of HCG bring their expertise to all engagements and only accept clients they can personally help and support. Their collective and diverse experience in church, ministry, and leadership arenas allows them to quickly assess a situation and recommend a sound course of action. Their commitment to personal attention and quality service ensures individualized strategies for organizations of all sizes.

We are in need of adding church staff. How can HCG help?

Some of the most common problems churches experience when considering staff additions is not developing an accurate profile of the ideal candidate or many times not even knowing for certain the best role or skills to add. HCG can come along side of the pastor or personnel committee to assess the staffing needs and make recommendations on future hiring. We have discovered that developing a complete audit of the church staff and leadership needs is a helpful tool in planning and stewarding the resources of the church. These audits can save significant time and money, not to mention, the elimination of a hiring strikeout.

My church seems to be stagnating, but I don't have the budget to take on a major consulting engagement. Can you still help?

There are many options to consider. HCG offers consulting in a variety of packages for churches of every size. An consulting agreement can be designed within your budget. Many churches discover that the infusion of new ideas and strategies help to give plateaued churches fresh direction and needed momentum. This fresh growth results in increased income and resources. In short, consulting is an investment in your future and has proven to provide short and long term dividends. An initial church health evaluation can be completed with minimal investment (as little as $250) and future consulting engagements can be phased over time. Major credit cards are also accepted.

I am a start up church? How do I determine whether I am on track?

HCG offers training, consulting, and coaching for all aspects of church planting. Regardless of your selected model we can help you stay focused as you begin your journey to success. We use check lists, guides and numerous tools to help in planning, leading, or evaluating a church planting venture. Church planting experts have concluded that outside coaches is the best way to ensure progress and success. We have trained and certified coaches with decades of experience with proven results.

What kind of churches do you work with? Do you specialize with any specific denominations?

The HCG consultants represent a variety of denominational backgrounds and affiliations. We feel like we are competent to handle the needs and challenges of a church as long as our beliefs and values are compatible and there is good chemistry. We have experience in working with Baptist, Assembly of God, Pentecostal Holiness, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Mennonite, charismatic, Vineyard, and non-denominational churches. Learn more about Hill Consulting Group Clients.

If we are not sure what our church needs how do we proceed?

To better understand how to advise you, we suggest you make a no-cost initial evaluation phone appointment with one of our consultants to assess and evaluate your unique leadership or organizational needs. There may be some assessment instruments used to also help in determining your next steps. Just call our HGC offices.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Many people mistakenly assume that the coaching process and the consulting process are, at least similar, if not the same. Yet, the two processes are so VERY DIFFERENT.

It is vital that you understand the differences so that you will be able to maximize the results you attain from either process. The processes are so different, that a person will get poor results, if any, from either process, if mistakenly treated as the other.

Consulting is a process that diagnoses and assesses the problems facing an organization or its leader and helps to recommend a course of action that will accomplish a specific goal. A consultant brings expertise and wisdom from the outside to the decision makers of an organization. Their advice, motivation, and brainstorming can help you when you are stuck to break out of the traps of mediocrity and build your ministry to its full potential.

Coaching is a process that provides support, encouragement, and accountability in accomplishing a goal. The coach walks the client through the steps clarifying and affirming them along the way. Coaches need not be experts in a particular field but they have the skill of helping others to perform and achieve great results.

In fact, from the viewpoint of HCG, consulting, training, and coaching go hand-in-hand. Frequently clients receive good recommendations from a consultant but need ongoing coaching to help with the implementation. Both have a very useful place in helping churches and ministry leaders improve their performance and fruitfulness.

What kind of training do the consultants with HCG receive?

All of our consultant complete an orientation seminar that trains them to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Many of our consultants have also been trained with specific programs, instruments, and programs. Each consultant and client are matched to maximize the results for your church.

Do you use assessments or instrumentation?

Yes. We have experience with numerous instruments that are helpful in diagnosing the problems and understanding each leader’s unique attributes.

What kind of report do we receive at the conclusion of the consulting work?

All consulting clients are provided with a customized report detailing our evaluations and recommendations for future strategy and implementation.