Hill Consulting Group Clients

The Hill Consulting Group Clients

What Others Are Saying

I have been a recipient of Bobby Hill's excellence in consulting over the years and I can attest to the highest quality of resourcing and creativity coupled with perspective form years of experience in the field. I am particularly impacted by the quality of organizational understanding that has helped me solve complex issues in an accelerated manner.

Denominational Leader, Virginia

Without a doubt, Bobby Hill has proven strong leadership qualities providing expert and leading edge consulting services to ministries and churches alike. He’s the first person I call for my ministry clients who need wisdom, coaching, project management or insightful strategies to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Business owner, Virginia

Bobby has effectively served me as coach and consultant for many years. His professionalism, personal integrity and expertise has proven to be an asset to me as a pastor. His coaching skills helped me to navigate some leadership challenges—he seems to always have the right words at the right time.

Pastor, Ohio

The Hill Consulting Group has demonstrated considerable skills in training our leadership team to take our ministry to a new level of success. Bobby has facilitated some wonderful team exercises and guided us towards team unity and improved performance. It was the best team retreat yet!

Ministry Director, Texas

Bobby demonstrates a level of wisdom and integrity that few possess. He is able to reach into the core issues of a problem and bring a resolve in a biblical manner. His and HCG’s ability to work with diverse venues is superb.

Pastor, North Carolina

When Bobby Hill commits to a task or project, you know he will see it through with integrity (he performs what he says he will do). He demonstrates the qualities that build trust in ongoing relationships even when tested by pressure and adversity. HCG’s greatest strength is it ability to perform. Whether he is leading in a ministry role or leading in coaching or consulting, you can count on Bobby dispatching responsibilities in a timely manner with high quality and results. And, he expects these same qualities in those on his team.

Nonprofit Executive, Virginia

Wisdom! I can’t say it more clearly than that. HCG possesses the experience and knowledge base to consult in organizational matters, which demand results. Bobby’s wisdom in organizational structures, creative marketing, and developing reproducible models of leadership development is unrivaled in my opinion and experience. When I am in a need of an outside set of eyes and ears, I will not hesitate to call HCG.

Pastor, Florida

In our coaching sessions, one of HCG’s consultants challenged me to get my hands dirty and re-examine my model of leadership. Every session together was followed with "homework" - the lab where theory met application. It really worked for me and has given me a lasting respect for his wisdom and relational approach to developing leaders.

Business Owner, New York

Bobby has provided consultation to our Board of Directors/Eldership at least twice on matters where our Board was deadlocked. Using assessment tools, keen insight, and incredible questions, Bobby was able to bring the group forward in a unified manner. He sees the ‘big picture’ perhaps better than anyone I know. Whether on a personal, team, or corporate level, benefits come from his consultations.

Pastor, Ohio

Bobby has spoken to the congregation numerous times in a very special manner. His words of encouragement and challenge went beyond the day by paving the way for growth and vision implementation. This has been critical when we sought to progress on a project/vision but were unable to bring the congregation to the new perspective. His words instilled confidence between the congregation and the leadership and ultimately the Lord.

Pastor, Indiana

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