About the Hill Consulting Group

About The Hill Consulting Group

Core Mission

To help churches and ministries build sustainable health and growth in an ever changing global environment through guiding their leaders to understand and achieve their God-given destiny.

Core Strategy

We will accomplish our mission primarily through three vehicles: consulting, training, and coaching. To learn about our core beliefs and values, download an Adobe copy. Note: To view any Adobe documents, you must have the free Adobe Reader.


For 7 years Bobby Hill provided consulting services to churches under the umbrella of a non-profit organization, Vanguard Ministries. In 2005 he acquired this division from Vanguard Ministries and established The Hill Consulting Group, LLC as a for-profit company headquartered in Suffolk, Virginia.

In 2006 the firm has grown to include a team of consultants with expertise in a variety of core practices.

Bobby Hill

Bobby HillAs president and senior consultant with HCG, Bobby Hill brings an exceptional background of education and ministry experience. He has served the Lord for 34 years in full-time ministry. His early ministry experience came from serving as a missionary in both Western and Eastern Europe. A pioneer at heart, he went on to plant three large churches in Texas prior to coming to Virginia for graduate studies.

While living in Chesapeake, VA, he accepted the Senior Pastorate of New Life Christian Fellowship and led its growth from a little over 200 to over 2,500 in six years as he established 7 congregations using a non-traditional multiplying model. Consequently, the church was listed among the 200 fastest growing churches in North America in 1996 and among the 100 fastest growing congregations in 1997. During that same period, Bobby graduated from Regent with an MA in Practical Theology and is now completing a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in North Miami, FL.

In 2001 he transitioned from his responsibilities as Senior Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship to make his apostolic gifting more available through the founding of Vanguard Ministries which he is currently serving as the network's International Director. Vanguard Ministries is a network of Christian leaders and churches providing a nurturing relational context and strategic resources. He is broadly recognized as an apostolic leader, and is considered a spiritual father to pastors and leaders across the globe. He serves as an Adjunct Professor at Regent University and leads Calvary Leadership Institute as its Executive Director.

Bobby continues to travel extensively, preaching and teaching in churches and conferences across North America as well as more than 35 countries. His heart is to develop ministry leaders and to assist churches and ministry organizations through consulting, training and coaching.

Alliances, Associations, and Credentials

Bobby Hill has the following credentials:

  • Member of Institute of Management Consultants, USA
  • Member of Academy of Management
  • Member of ASTD (American Society for Training and Development)
  • Certified and licensed Church Health Consultant with Church Central
  • Advanced Certified Coach with Natural Church Development
  • Ordained minister with Vanguard Ministries
  • Certified to use and administer Inscape Products (DiSC, CARE, etc)

The Hill Consulting Group uses the 4-D Consulting Process...

Our consultants work with pastors, staff leaders, lay leaders and their work groups to identify issues that impair effectiveness, recommend solutions and strategies that accomplish your ministry goals.

HCG consultants follow a four-stage approach to consulting - we call it the 4-D process: Define - Diagnose - Develop - Deliver.

4-D Consulting Bobby Hill

Stage 1: Define

This is the starting point. A pastor or church leadership team representative contacts HCG and after preliminary discussions they work together to define and describe the interests and desires of the church or ministry organization. The church leadership may know where their needs are or they may simply know they want HCG to help them to determine where to focus and what to change. This stage clarifies the intent of the church and outlines the deliverables from HCG. It culminates with a contractual agreement that details the mutual understanding.

Step 2: Diagnose

Diagnosing the current leadership or organizational needs of the church is accomplished by utilizing innovative assessments and applying the skillful wisdom of the consultant. Structural, spiritual, behavioral, programmatic or leadership causes will be considered. Too often resources are spent attempting to correct problems that have deeper roots not obvious to the casual or untrained observer.

Step 3: Develop

This step is where the consultant develops a customized solution that addresses those identified needs of the church or ministry. This may include designing a training solution, a new ministry strategy, a vision clarification, a strategic planning initiative, a conflict resolution, an intervention to improve collaboration and teamwork, or any number of unique and cutting-edge approaches that meet the needs of your church. Throughout this stage you’re involved in order to build understanding and achieve maximum results.

Step 4: Deliver

During this phase our consultant delivers the training, recommendations, and solutions to the client. Training, consulting, and coaching is provided on-site to the client helping to turn your team into better leaders and providing the strategies for orchestrating change making your church a healthy organism. Our learning and development answers will ensure continuous improvement and enable measurable results. Post-consulting coaching is delivered to ensure full implementation.